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Oaths & Certifications

We also provide the following services:


Witness Signatures

We can witness documents in cases where a document must be witnessed by a solicitor


Certifying True Copies

We can certify documents as true copies of the original


Certification of Identity

We can certify your identity as a ‘true likeness’ and endorse photographs


Change of Name Deed

A Change of Name Deed is a legal document to record an intended change of name by a person or family.

We can draft a Change of Name Deed and/or witness the signature of the deponent on the Deed



An Affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath, usually for use as evidence in court

We can draft an Affidavit and/or administer and oath for an affidavit


Statutory Declarations

A Statutory Declaration is a statement of fact that is created and signed in the presence of a solicitor

We can draft a Statutory Declaration /or witness the signatures of the declarant

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